Seduced by the purity of porcelain I challenge myself by the character and the self-will of this material. It fascinates me to observe the conversation between my own creativity and porcelain and to explore the limits of a mutually inspiring collaboration. A respectful compromise again and again to a further deepening of the relationship between me and the material should result in a pilgrimage towards perfection.

Student at the Art Academy of Deinze (Belgium)

  • 1994-2000: Department of Ceramics Ceramics – lecturer Frank Steyaert.
  • 2000-2001: 1st year of Specialisation, Dept. Ceramics.


  • Tjok Dessauvage (B)
  • Sacha Wardell (UK) Bone China
  • Veerle van Nuffelen (B) molds
  • Anima Roos (B) paperclay
  • Jürg Bächtold (Ch) sand molds
  • Guy Van Leemput (B) technical info